Please find below some of the kind words offered by previous clients about my services.

“Amanda Rutter is a fine editor whose infectious passion for an exciting new story never clouds her expert judgement on what will make it even better. We’re delighted to work with her on many Angry Robot books.”

Marc Gascoigne, publisher at Angry Robot

“Amanda Rutter is everything you need in an editor. Not only does she provide a frighteningly thorough and effective copy-edit on your manuscript, her story notes are spot on, and she’s warm and friendly to work with. She has years of experience in the business, and is smart, professional, and has great judgement. I would, and have, recommended Amanda’s services to both new writers and veterans who are considering republishing some early work that needs a modern edit. She’s my go-to recommendation because I know she won’t disappoint.”

Sarah Pinborough

“Amanda’s structural edit brings a fresh, experienced, and objective pair of eyes to your manuscript. She checks for the weaknesses you can’t see, tells you which areas work well as they are, and highlights those you can improve to make your story stronger.”

Janet Edwards

“Amanda stepped in at very short notice to do work on a novel for Horrific Tales Publishing. She completed the work promptly, to a very high standard and was a joy to work with, going above and beyond the original brief. I would not hesitate to recommend her and will most certainly be using her on future projects.”

Graeme Reynolds, Horrific Tales Publishing

“Amanda is fast, thorough, and very easy to collaborate with. When she worked on Diabolical Taste she gave me the confidence that I would be releasing a polished and grammatically correct novel.”

Ros Jackson

“If you need to find a needle in a haystack, or find errors in a manuscript, Amanda Rutter is the person you want to edit your work. I’ve never had such a thorough editor for any of my books. She’s a professional who doesn’t miss a thing. I highly recommend her work for anyone who wants to release quality books.”

Franny Armstrong

“Amanda’s professionalism and quality of work has always been excellent, with great attention to detail and all delivered on time. I’d recommend her proofreading service to any authors out there.”

Alex Davis, Boo Books

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Amanda Rutter. She is a superb editor with a meticulous eye for detail and very thorough in her work. Her keen insight into all the elements of the story was a tremendous help throughout the editing process. I would definitely love to work with her again.”

Farah Oomerbhoy

“Amanda’s work is detailed and thorough. She offers relevant, insightful advice regarding plot and character development, and catches every misplaced comma! She is easy to talk to, accessible, and professional. My book is much, much better because of Amanda.”

Tabitha Lord

“Never having worked with a professional editor before, I was both excited and slightly intimidated in submitting my novella to Amanda Rutter for a full structural edit, though, through the process, she quickly put any unease I had to rest. I was especially appreciative of the way she prefaced my first review of her editorial notes with a word of caution, knowing the sensitivity of newer writers to seeing their work picked through with a fine-tooth comb. Considerate, insightful, and fast, she not only gave me in-depth feedback and critique on what could be improved in my grammar, story, and characters, but also helped me flesh out a few solutions in our follow-up conversation. I would definitely hire Amanda again, given the opportunity, and would suggest her to any of my other writing friends looking for quality editorial services.”

Bill Simpson

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