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I am a skilled structural editor, with experience of acquiring novels and bringing them to the marketplace in their best possible format. I have worked previously as an acquisitions editor for YA imprint Strange Chemistry Books. In this role, I was sole editor and responsible for editing a number of critically acclaimed and award-nominated novels.

Since leaving Strange Chemistry, for the last nine years I have been a successful freelance editor, working via Reedsy, Cornerstones, and Wise Ink and with a large portfolio of private clients. I proofread for Aconyte Books, Angry Robot Books, Black Library and a number of independent publishers.

If you would like to contact me with regards to a quote for your piece of work, then please email magemanda AT gmail DOT com. I will reply within 2 business days.

One thought on “About Me & Contact

  1. Amanda edited my ‘Whitechapel’ – coming from Morrigan Books soon – and it was a highly profitable experience for me, both at micro and macro levels. Most of her suggestions were eminently sensible and the discussions we had on those I disagreed with were illuminating, to me at least. Her contribution changed the story into an altogether more muscular construction while never changing it into anything other than my story. If you need an editor – and who doesn’t? – I can recommend Amanda without reservation.

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