Font Choice For Self-Published Authors

Self-published authors are becoming more and more business-savvy these days, including spending a decent amount on cover art. A good cover can serve you tremendously. A great cover is one that works even at small sizes on websites such as Amazon. A wonderful cover can be ruined by a poor choice of fonts to goContinue reading “Font Choice For Self-Published Authors”

Structural Editing, Copy Editing, Proofreading – the differences!

I have found that a large number of people looking for editorial services are actually not 100% clear about what type of editing they require, so I thought I would do a real quick breakdown concerning the differences. Structural Editing This is the big picture stuff! Your editor will read the novel, and make sweepingContinue reading “Structural Editing, Copy Editing, Proofreading – the differences!”

What A R Editorial Solutions is about

You’ve done a lot of the hard work: you’ve finished a novel! Congratulations! Before submitting your novel to agents or travelling the self-publishing route, you are best served by having a capable editor look over your work. She will advise on any structural concerns, if you wish, providing a full editorial letter and tracked changes.Continue reading “What A R Editorial Solutions is about”