Font Choice For Self-Published Authors

Self-published authors are becoming more and more business-savvy these days, including spending a decent amount on cover art. A good cover can serve you tremendously. A great cover is one that works even at small sizes on websites such as Amazon. A wonderful cover can be ruined by a poor choice of fonts to go with the image.

This is one of the ways that book designers really earn their money – by picking a sympathetic font that works with the cover, with the book title and even with the genre of novel.

For example, take a look at the following cover:


This is a novel by a self-published author, and it is sleek and stylish. The font choice works on a number of levels, and helps to take the cover to the next step.

Now take a look at this cover:


Although there is nothing hugely wrong with the image, the font is hard to read and only gets harder the smaller the image becomes.

Ensure you work with your cover designer to choose the best possible font – it is half the battle when trying to sell your novel.



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